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John David Webster is a gifted and energetic musician with a passion for worshiping Jesus Christ.

The Live at Lakeview album places these virtues on appreciable display.

As is the case with most contemporary worship leaders, the experience would be enhanced if we felt less obligated to speak. He’s much better when he sings.

When he talks (as he does quite a lot), he sounds banal and overly nailed to a rock-star persona. When he sings, the music is glorious.

Sing, John David, sing!

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Ely Cathedral rises out of the flatlands of East Anglia like a glorious surprise. Its towers and parapets dwarf the surrounding buildings and landscape. As the Cathedral’s website explains the mindset of its intellectual authors, ‘The Benedictine monks only concern was to glorify God, and nothing less than a building on a majestic scale would do.’

God, it is reported elsewhere, is capable of being glorified by many means. Having visited the cathedral on numerous occasions, I have no doubt that its Benedictines hit on one of them. (more…)

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Nobody does high-energy, emotionally exuberant musical praise like Australia’s Hillsong. This reviewer is happy to leave the debate about whether Hillsong is a church or a production company to those closer to the ground. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy the music. (more…)

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