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If Brasilia were the capital of the world, everybody would grow up knowing samba and how to dance to it.

Alas, the world has not capital and Brasilia on the short list. So most of us need to be *taught* to dance samba. That’s where this CD claims its usefulness. Each of eighteen tunes is worked out to ‘strict tempo’ samba in order to facilitate dancing by the novices, the newcomers, and the merely stiff.

If you’re new to this, I must warn you. Samba is contagious. But there are worse things to catch.

If this kind of infectious rhythm doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to you, start here.


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If salsa is not the most joyous of musical genres it is at least one of the happiest. This entry in the Ballroom Latin Dance series features splendid CD liner artistry and a solid lineup of high-energy salsa performed by little-known but expert musicians.

The series comes at you without written comment as a simple source of dance music. It delivers extremely well on that promise and can hardly be faulted for what it does not aim to accomplish.

Great salsa here, on the cheap!

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Compilations of tunes that are assembled to support beginning dancers in their instruction vary wildly with regard to the quality of the artists and the adequacy of the recording technology. This selection from the Ballroom Latin Dance series excels on both counts.

Nine tunes average about four-and-a-half minutes each, long enough for the dance student to get into the rhythm and movement of a piece. It’s beautiful music for pure listening too, and that comes from a reviewer who is not easily moved by merengue.

The photo that graces the CD liner of each entry in this series is wonderfully evocative of the dance in question, a bonus that may move you to choose from the Ballroom Latin Dance lineup rather than a competitor.

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‘Do you find yourself thinking a lot about your hips lately?’, Heather asks me with a completely straight face and no hint of irony.

It is difficult for a middle-aged man who has not once in his life contemplated his hips to respond quickly to such a question. After a moment’s hesitation, I manage to muster an awkward, ‘Umm …. not really.’ (more…)

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It has been a life’s goal, since getting married at twenty-three years of age, to learn ballroom dancing. It’s been on Linda’s and my to-do-someday list for all these years.

When I brought up the possibility of taking the plunge several months ago, my colleagues and their wives were too busy and my wife felt it wasn’t the moment. A more prudent soul might have taken some counsel from this unanimous withdrawal from what seemed to me a splendid idea. But I decided I was just gonna’ have to do this thing myself. (more…)

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