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61wRQdXNgbL._SX522_Why has it never before occurred to me to buy ‘glasses straps’ in quantity instead of holding on to the old one until it had all the zippy tautness of a deceased night-crawler?

At this price and this quality—this eyeware retainer holds my sunglasses and goggles securely in position during the sweats and bumps of a road-cycle ride—I can simply toss the old one and move on to the next one when the time inevitable comes for that.

No fuss, great buy.

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51g-vRNuohL._SX522_-2This marvelously versatile and well-conceived tool is perfect for small to medium adjustments at home and even as an on-ride security blanket for those who fear the worst when the wheels are rolling.

An added touch is the inclusion of an Allen wrench for keeping the tool itself tightly wound.

You’ll still need your bike shop. Just not as urgently.

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61Huz-bT0kL._SY679_I had to stare awkwardly at my shoes for a while before springing for this Thule product when others that cost less were available. But I figure I’ll likely own only one of those puppies, which reduces the window for recovery from a bad choice. So I sprang not only for the Thule but for the three-bike as opposed to the two-bike option.

Nearly five thousand road miles later, I’m not only satisfied. I’m impressed.

We own a pickup and a sedan, each of which is equipped with a different one of the conventional tow-hitch sizes. The Thule handles the transition effortlessly and securely. There is simply no discernible ‘slip’ or other movement when this career is installed in either of the two vehicles.

The in-and-out hanging of the three bikes is extremely quick work, and more secure than I would have imagined possible.

Through no fault of the manufacturer (the culprit shall remain unnamed), I ended up with one too few of the anti-sway attachment. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that Thule replacement parts are available quickly and and for a song from http://www.etrailer.com, a Missouri supplier.

Honestly, I never imagined that $400 would solve bike-transporting needs with this much style and dependability.

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61dxdtzU0PL._SX522_The very first words of the product description read ‘Easy entry and exit due to a fluoropolymer material …’ and I’m finding this to be true after two weeks of debuting these Look KEO cleats. They’re significantly easier on this front than my previous cleats. As a relative novice on a road bike, I’m finding this feature to be useful in avoiding needless and embarrassing low-speed Road Rash.

The cleats were exceptionally easy to install on my Giro shoes, both of which allow for meaningful adjustment in the preferred placement of cleats on shoe.

Great price, too.

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41SWSFcfpFL._AC_US400_QL65_I’m getting back into riding after seven years on my feet. I ordered this yellow Spotti jersey as part of the campaign to get the right gear in place without breaking the bank. After a first ride, I immediately ordered a blue one.

The amazing price does not conceal poor material, design or manufacturing. The look is simple and efficient, as I anticipated. The fit was as expected, as was the comfort level. You can go all the way up with the half-length zipper, but it locks in place just as well at half mast. The back pockets worked perfectly for both phone and water bottle.

I’m having seconds.

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51pEQ3gI9SLI can’t vouch for the authenticity of the blue-exam-book answers that Richard Benson has compiled here, but I can tell you that my wife became concerned about my health as I belly-laughed through many of them during our separate-but-equal bedtime reading.

This is an absolutely hilarious page-turner or, for us Kindle fans, page-swiper.

Even if the quality of the humor is unequal, the high points are very, very high, and they justify the price of the book.

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12482_C_1_Starvos_HelmetYou don’t have to sell the children to get a decent bike helmet these days, but you also don’t want to skimp on your brain bucket. Too much is in play.

I’d call my Bontrager Starvos a relatively economical approach to skull care. After four days out, it still feels very comfortable. Adjustments are intuitive and not difficult. To my surprise, the Extra Large fits my circus-side-show-dimension cranium. I once had to special order the graphically named ‘King Head’ (I kid you not) bike helmet because nothing my bike shop had in stock would do other than perch atop my head like a badly designed hood ornament. So the fit on my new helmet is no small relief.

I like the black-with-white-trim livery of my Starvos and I trust the ratings that say it will do what it’s supposed to do if I go down hard.

You can snag one of these for just under 70 clams. That wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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