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Of all my news apps, this is the one I like best. AP Mobile can be tuned so that it delivers you a tailor-made assortment of news according to your own interests. I especially appreciate the ‘breaking news’ feature, which alerts me to truly significant events rather than to every stray cat rescued by firemen. A good news filter.


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People who wander the shelves of bookstores wondering aloud to themselves or audibly ‘whether I should buy this book online or right here, right now’ will love this app.

Amazon’s (now) got legs.

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Aeroguide Pro allows the inveterate plane-spotter to preview the plane he or she is about to board, now complete with the airline’s livery, in full color.

Curiously, I’m about to fly in a United Airlines 757 as I write this, and have stumbled upon the same missing UA 757 that a previous reviewer noted.

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A form of wickedness mixes longing for improved status with a sense of entitlement, then shakes vigorously. The recipe makes a deadly cocktail.

The craving of the lazy person is fatal,
for lazy hands refuse to labor.

It is one thing, we are instructed to understand, not to aspire to a better lot. The nicer homes and fuller accounts just a block away might well hold no appeal. One is born to this lot, not some other, and waddles unreflectively in it. (more…)

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This fine app is limited only by the limitations of your AAA membership itself. It identifies AAA discounts near your location and, if requested, provides you a point-to-point map that will get you there. Better yet, for that once-every-five-years auto breakdown, if you’ve input your AAA membership number it’ll make your call for help for you with just a button or two on the iPod. The app has improved since I originally downloaded it. I find nothing not to like here if you’re a AAA member.

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