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When peering through the window of a train car at a fascinating, fast-changing, complex landscape, you can’t make the train slow down for a bit of gawking. The best you can ask for is a window with minimal smudges.

That’s what you get when contemplating the velocity of change in China today through the lens of ChinaSource, now a decade old in its present form. Published quarterly by the organization that bears the same name, ChinaSource is intended—as its tag line declares—for those who serve China. This is a centrist, Christian, English-language publication written principally for those outside China with missional interests in that great country. (more…)


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The first time you tell your traveling companion that you’ll be staying ‘at the Y in Hong Kong’, you’ll have to defend yourself against the assumption that you’ll be sleeping under a bench in a locker room that smells like someone’s sweat.

Believe me, this is not your father’s YMCA. (more…)

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Shanghai is not what one expects.

Miles upon miles of gleaming office towers and hotels overwhelm the visitor who has not been paying adequate attention. In fact, they serve as a metaphor for a China that is hurtling itself into the modern world at something like the 440 kilometer-per-hour pace of its famous magnetic levitation train (Maglev). (more…)

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