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Chinua Achebe’s terse, unromantic narrative of one man, one-and-a-half clans, and two 61spl57YceL._SS300_moments (precolonial and incipient colonial), set in an African village, scrupulously avoids moralistic evaluation. Instead, the strong but flawed gait of a too proud man carries the reader along though the ambiguities of tribal life and the arrival of a Western-led Christian church.

The reader surmises quite early that hope hangs on an unlikely scenario where reconciliation of the protagonist with himself, with his clan, and with the newcomers could somehow take place in the alternately shadowed and sunlit landscape that gathers all of these into an unsought encounter.

In the end, hope itself hangs, too sadly, too finally, too inexplicably for this reader’s heart to re-settle as quickly as it would like.


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Chance are when you think ‘tent’ you aren’t thinking of the tents at this fantastic camp in South Africa’s Krüger National Park. Run by CCAfrica (‘Conservation Corporation Africa’), Ngala is typical of the firm’s high-end safari facilities. (more…)

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When you need to tool around South Africa’s larger distances, say, en route to or from one of the country’s stunning national parks, you’re likely to end up on Federal Air. Young, sunburnt pilots also load the bags, provide sack lunches, and give the security talk. They remind one of Israel, where teenagers and those barely above that age seem to run all the essential services, at least on the visible end.

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It’s not Singapore Airlines, but South Africa’s emergence in its democratic period as the muscular economic strongman of Africa has led to improvements in its flag carrier as well. There are plenty of routes to Europe, North America, and of course across Africa.

Although the experience could not be mistaken for five-star, I’ve always received good service from SAA.

South Africa being a beguiling country, one does run into that odd situation where people’s bags are loaded but then they fail to board the plane. I don’t know where such people go. It’s always been something of a mystery to me. When they do show up, they should be roundly boo-ed. Our forefathers would have had them caned.

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Hotel Rwanda shatters complacency, so long as—in the words of Nick Nolte’s UN coronel—we don’t ‘gasp and then turn back to eating dinner’.

Don Cheadle turns in a memorable if unpolished star turn that anchors this survival tale.

That’s precisely what Hotel Rwanda is: a survival tale. A true one, to be sure, and not unlike many that remain unrecorded and unthanked because their own heros perished among the million corpses left behind by this most inexplicable genocide. (more…)

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For business in Africa, Jo’Burg is the place. Not only is it the principal commercial and air transport hub for all of Africa, but its climate and amenities make it a very pleasant place to visit. Direct flights arrive from to Jo’Burg’s modern and pleasant airport from all over the West and Asia. As the country gears up to host soccer’s World Cup in 2010, infrastructure should only improve, a challenge that already has South Africans in a state of nervous industry. (more…)

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Capetown manages to combine one of the world’s most striking natural settings with the cosmopolitan flair of an international tourist and cultural hub. Stay at the Waterfront Holiday Inn (part of the regional Southern Sun chain), a 25-minute ride from the airport on safe and affordable cabs. (more…)

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