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This little doobie is just the thing if you ship more than a handful of packages each week. The physics of it make it a simple matter to get a tight swath of tape around your package without wrinkled tape and disproportionate cursing.

Trust me, you’ll quickly recoup the 25 clams you’ll invest via increased efficiency and fewer damaged goods en route.

Plus, with a little imagination, you could use this thing (it’s got teeth!) as a self-defense implement. You might end up buying a second one and storing it beside your bed for this very purpose. It’s cheaper than getting a dog.

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My basement office—a.k.a. ‘the man cave’—is for me not unlike the Garden of Eden. Still, about 20 mornings per year it’s just a little too cold.

I could attack this with the home heating equivalent of using a hammer to kill a mosquito, turning up the heat and arming every single corner of the place to about five degrees above the status quo. But that costs money.

Instead, I bought the Presto HeatDish Plus Footlight two years ago for those cold winter days when my favorite space in the house needs just a touch of extra warmth. It’s got good adjustment and, with a little practice, can be focused on the area where I sit in front of my desk in my stocking feet and do the thing I do.

I recommend this economical, highly concentrated, easily adjustable solution to one of life’s cold zones.

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The Officejet J5750 is my first home-office move into an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier/scanner device. I’ll never go back to multiple options.

That is not to say that the J5750 is the sturdiest or most reliable HP product I’ve ever owned. It is not. The simple HP1012 and 1200 printers, for example, easily outpace the J5750 on both counts. But then they don’t shoot for the same degree of difficulty as the all-in-one does, either. (more…)

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This economical little black-and-white printer may be the most reliable laser printer I’ve ever owned, and I’ve known a few. Our family networks to this printer from several computers scattered around the house via a wireless hub. This assures that it will print small, casual print runs as well as business items from my home office downstairs.

Short story: it never fails.

No alignment problems, no eternally processing virtual logjams, no blurring. Just one sharp print run after another. If HP ever alters the recipe, let’s hope it’s in the direction of some concrete improvement that I cannot at this imagine. Because right now, everything works

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