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As bearers of bad news go, AT&T’s myWireless iPhone app is a particularly handy one.

WIth a few taps, you can work out just how much you owe and even pay it if you’re feeling well-disposed towards the official iPhone monopolist du jour. The app also allows the conscientious—or bill-fearing—user to track his or her usage in the relevant categories.

If you have to pay this much to keep the amazing iPhone up and running, it’s a least cold comfort to have the painful details so easily available.

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This handy little app is a marvel for finding out the nearest pharmacy, gas station, coffee shop, and a shortlist of other categories based on its discernment of your present location. Some categories display a bit of mysterious overlap. If you’re suffering from chest pains, however, your dash to the nearest ‘hospital’ might take you through a couple of veterinary clinics before you get to somebody who knows about human hearts. Nonetheless, a helpful little icon for your iPod screen!

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Non-Muslims who need to know the Quran could do worse than begin with M.M. Pickthall’s English translation, here formatted for the iPhone. Scholars and the pious debate the merits of Pickthall’s renderings, but this handy and inexpensive app opens the door to those less interested in the minutiae who benefit from having Islam’s most holy book a tap or two away.

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Of all my news apps, this is the one I like best. AP Mobile can be tuned so that it delivers you a tailor-made assortment of news according to your own interests. I especially appreciate the ‘breaking news’ feature, which alerts me to truly significant events rather than to every stray cat rescued by firemen. A good news filter.

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Aeroguide Pro allows the inveterate plane-spotter to preview the plane he or she is about to board, now complete with the airline’s livery, in full color.

Curiously, I’m about to fly in a United Airlines 757 as I write this, and have stumbled upon the same missing UA 757 that a previous reviewer noted.

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This fine app is limited only by the limitations of your AAA membership itself. It identifies AAA discounts near your location and, if requested, provides you a point-to-point map that will get you there. Better yet, for that once-every-five-years auto breakdown, if you’ve input your AAA membership number it’ll make your call for help for you with just a button or two on the iPod. The app has improved since I originally downloaded it. I find nothing not to like here if you’re a AAA member.

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