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maiden voyage

Having grown up and passed parts of five decades riding utilitarian bikes with the purpose of getting from point A to point B, today’s maiden voyage of my slightly used Specialized Allez Elite road bike was a new experience. Indianapolis’ railroad-line-to-paradise Monon Trail was glorious in the sunlight of a 75-degree, blue-skied springtime afternoon.

The Trail was covered by walkers, runners, bikers, and skaters, yet managed to be delightfully welcoming and uncongested. I have wanted to ride for several years, ever since cartilage damage to my right knee made celebrating 50 by running my second marathon seem unlikely. A decade ago, while living in England, I joined 33,000 other runners to complete the London Marathon. It was a memorable day on which—the words of a news presenter brought me to tears as I sipped tea to heal my traumatized body late that night had it thus—’33,000 ordinary people did an extraordinary thing’.

I may never run a remarkable distance again. Friends of the two-wheeling persuasion reassure me that this is not to be lamented, that there is life after burning soles at mile markers, that cycling is the right way to hone the body, discover a sporting clan, and see much of this country (and others) at a decent speed. (more…)


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