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41SWSFcfpFL._AC_US400_QL65_I’m getting back into riding after seven years on my feet. I ordered this yellow Spotti jersey as part of the campaign to get the right gear in place without breaking the bank. After a first ride, I immediately ordered a blue one.

The amazing price does not conceal poor material, design or manufacturing. The look is simple and efficient, as I anticipated. The fit was as expected, as was the comfort level. You can go all the way up with the half-length zipper, but it locks in place just as well at half mast. The back pockets worked perfectly for both phone and water bottle.

I’m having seconds.

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51pEQ3gI9SLI can’t vouch for the authenticity of the blue-exam-book answers that Richard Benson has compiled here, but I can tell you that my wife became concerned about my health as I belly-laughed through many of them during our separate-but-equal bedtime reading.

This is an absolutely hilarious page-turner or, for us Kindle fans, page-swiper.

Even if the quality of the humor is unequal, the high points are very, very high, and they justify the price of the book.

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12482_C_1_Starvos_HelmetYou don’t have to sell the children to get a decent bike helmet these days, but you also don’t want to skimp on your brain bucket. Too much is in play.

I’d call my Bontrager Starvos a relatively economical approach to skull care. After four days out, it still feels very comfortable. Adjustments are intuitive and not difficult. To my surprise, the Extra Large fits my circus-side-show-dimension cranium. I once had to special order the graphically named ‘King Head’ (I kid you not) bike helmet because nothing my bike shop had in stock would do other than perch atop my head like a badly designed hood ornament. So the fit on my new helmet is no small relief.

I like the black-with-white-trim livery of my Starvos and I trust the ratings that say it will do what it’s supposed to do if I go down hard.

You can snag one of these for just under 70 clams. That wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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61soeoMY49L._SL1000_My first ride with these gloves was entirely satisfactory.

The fit was as expected or perhaps just a tiny bit on the small side, but the result is that the ‘large’ size I estimated I’d need is exactly what I got.

They provided good padding on this first ride. They have slightly less bulk to them than some gloves I’ve worn, but this seems not to be a deficit of any kind after this first ride.

And the price? That’s the clincher. You could probably get a better set of gloves, but not near this price point. I’m giving these gloves a five-er.

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MATBKIt took some squirming in front of my computer screen before I ordered a bike shoe at this inexpensive price point, but after three days on the road in these boots I’m wondering why a casual road cyclist like me would spend more.

The fit is perfect and the three Velcro straps allow for a surprisingly snug and comfortable ride down on the dawgs.

After not cycling for seven years and then heading back out with these Giros on my feet in recent days, I found myself not even thinking about shoes. That’s an endorsement right there.

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517jikuJySL._AC_US436_QL65_I’ve got to stop apologizing for liking Dave Barry’s Junior-High humor. Maybe there’s a transitioning middle schooler in each of us.

Dave Barry Turns Fifty is not the Miami humor writer’s best shot at bedtime reading guffaws. But it’s good. I’ve come to think that Barry is at his best—like most of us—when he sticks to his main thing. His effort to characterize the years and decades of his growing towards fifty is sometimes grumpy without being funny.

But when he’s good, well, he’s very, very good.

Fifty used to seem so old. In Dave Barry’s hands, it’s barely thirteen.

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510ZpcpPGZL._SL1000_My, oh, my …

We moved recently and my bike pump is entombed somewhere in a storage unit in another stage, so I sprang for this Vibrelli pump. It’s amazing. The very cool black livery is a thing to behold. But the fact that you can easily (though not effortlessly) pump this much air this smoothly through either of the two standard valve styles is simply amazing.

The pump comes with a fast repair kit, too.

You’re set to ride …

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312EqLG0oGLI bought this 24-ounce water bottle to take with my while cycling for two reasons: the strongly positive reviews and the wide range of available colors. I really like my gray-and-black selection.

But I discovered an added feature when I clumsily (no fault of the bottle) lost the cap: Polar will send you a new one for free (though you pay the postage).

A good thing made better!

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51IdvAsWR4L._AC_US320_QL65_As so many other men have done in recent years, I’ve migrated from multi-blade (in my case the five blades of the Gillette Fusion package) shaving to the single blade. Merkur has become my go-to blade for its reasonable price, German simplicity, and awesome sharpness. I enjoy simply studying the thing and wondering how such an inexpensive marvel is produced and its quality maintained.

Full disclosure: if it had not been for an adult son’s similar migration and wanting to share a bit of manly life with him, my gentle rebellion against the multi-blade oligopoly of Gillette and their peers, and a certain fascination with the brush, the soap, the whole deal … I would not have made this switch. And I still take my Gillette with me when I travel, for ease of use.

As others have noted, shaving this way is not automatic. In fact, it’s hard. Cuts abound, though in decreasing quantity, as I get used to the thing.

This Merkur blade gives me three shaves, although the number is comparatively low because I shave my entire head, which is of circus-side-show dimensions. Others will likely get more than three shaves out of each blade, even those who grow a coarser beard than my whispy red Pennsylvania-German tuft.

If you’re going single-blade, you can start with the Merkur with confidence that it’s the real deal: simple, quality-controlled, German.

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519kk0oCmBL._SL1000_With two sons in the 101st Airborne’s Screaming Eagles and a rusty unplugged tow hitch, it was only a matter of time before I snagged this aesthetically clean, black-and-gray, plastic hitch plug insert. It’s made of a lightweight but sturdy plastic and does not fit snugly in a way that will keep all water out of your hitch. It’s an ornament rather than a sealing plug. But that’s as advertised, so no complaint.

I love the optics and the price seems reasonable for a relatively low-volume product.

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