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Biblical wisdom is loathe to divide the human person into ‘constituent parts’. The main thing about a man is his unity, about a women her cohesion. Precise distinctions between, say, mind, body, and spirit usually pave the first steps on a ditch dressed up like a path, which leads nowhere. (more…)


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When the Apostle Paul refers to followers of Jesus in the aggregate as ‘the body of Christ’, he is only scratching the surface. The New Testament audaciously identifies the new community with the risen Jesus himself.

Paul had a knack for riots. Creating them, one means. (more…)

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Why do cultures the world over produce exhortations to work hard?

Because hard work is, well, hard work.

It don’t come easy, as my elders used to remind me. The reward of it is seldom immediate, so it’s easy to cut corners and imagine that nothing’s been lost in the shortcut. To ‘take it easy’ sounds like great advice right up until it produces poverty or damage. (more…)

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