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What’s not to like in more news?

You can always choose not to look it up. But, if you want news *now*–say, on the airport shuttle to the parking lot, there it is. Uncomplicated. Fast. News.

I’ll take it.


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If a love for baseball and possession of an iPhone intersect in your life, you just need to get this app. It is certifiably the bodacious portal for quick and mobile access to all things MLB.

A crystal clear interface puts you in touch with stats, standings, results, video, and more. There may be something, somewhere, like it. But I doubt it.

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I confess: I didn’t know how may book I owned. My guess would not even have come close.

Worse, from time to time I sold a handful of books used on Amazon, only to find that when an order came through I couldn’t locate the book. In order to provide reasonable service, I ended up refunding the purchaser his money then buying the same book from a third party and sending it to him. Although I reaped the satisfaction of having done the same thing, I also lost money on such deals, which happened more than once. Worse, I realized I couldn’t find a book when I needed to.

Clearly, I needed four things: a decent piece of home-library software, a basic understanding of an organizational system, access to a database that catalogues books I own according to the chosen organizational system, and considerable time to catalogue the books. I began to imagine that I could to this thing. (more…)

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